The Phoenix PD Beatdown

While the suspect in this case did something truly reprehensible, i.e. carjacking a pregnant woman, the actions of the Phoenix police were way out of line. Beating the crap out of handcuffed suspects is not cool.

Force said the officers will not be investigated for criminal misconduct, but an administrative review of the incident was under way Tuesday night. “It’s believed the officers’ conduct constitutes an issue with our policies, but not a violation of law,” Force said. “Looking at the tape, there are concerns about the officers’ actions and whether the force used was reasonable under the circumstances. That is going to be the focus of the internal investigation.”

I don’t see how beating someone in handcuffs who isn’t resisting isn’t breaking any law. But considering how trivially we investigate police shooting in this state, I guess the guy can just consider himself lucky he’s not dead.

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