Sorry Children of Pennsylvania

Sorry that your education is being compromised by evangelical christians.

Maybe one of your parents can sue the school district to get this repealed. Or maybe the ACLU will sweep in and save you.

I’ve harped on this before so I won’t re-hash it too much here. Intelligent Design is really just creationism dressed up as science. It’s not science. It shouldn’t be taught as science or alongside science.

This was really the doing of one school board member who is a born again christian who managed to convince 5 other members of the board to vote with him to include creation science. While it is not mentioned what kind of serious research was done by the board, I find it unlikely that experts were brought in to discuss the merits of including or not including intelligent design. It is also not directly mentioned whether or not there was community interest in this or if it was indeed only a small but vocal group calling for it.

Either way, sorry kids.

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