I always feel like somebody's, well you know

Big Broth…. uh the MPAA is watching you!

Read this great article about technologies being developed to prevent people from video taping movies. Despite the fact that people can get anti-reflective coatings for camera lenses or polarizers, and that successive passes through mp3 encoding will probably destroy inaudible audio water marking the MPAA is hard at work trying to protect high ticket prices and crappy movies!

Besides screeners are hardly the leading source of movie piracy. Studio leaks are much more important.

Now I whole heartedly support technology in the theater, but how about using it to make watching movies not suck? Jam cellphones so they don’t ring and people can’t have phone conversations during a movie. Plant mics in the seats so that when jackasses jabber through a film a “shut the fuck up” button lights up on the seat back in front of them. Have people stationed to prevent Asshole parents from bringing their 5 year old kid to see “Saw”. And while this is not technology, I want legal go ahead to form on the spot vigilante justice mobs to beat people who make watching movies a less than awesome experience for my $15.

So when the police come to arrest you because the MPAA spy cam caught a reflection off of your glasses, just remember, they’re doing it for you.

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