Stress Week

First major event of Stress Week is officially over.

Gave a 1 hour class this morning on OS X to my co-workers. Whoo.

I have all of the utilities switched over and most of the address changing done.

Made sure my voter registration is correct, and that my vote by mail ballot was on it’s way (mailed yesterday)

Got the moving truck registration done, but I have the truck for only 6 hours on saturday, 8am – 2pm. I usually don’t like starting that early in the morning, but the place closes at 3 on saturdays and wants the truck back pretty early. Other places with hours that are not geigh were booked. At least the ones that I could find. Apparently U-haul places go out of business with startling regularity, and most are not correctly listed in the phone book or online registries. And when you go to u-haul online, they won’t guarantee how long you can have the truck for, and will only call you the day before your rental with where you’ll be picking it up from, and how long you will have it. Considering it’s a 45 minute drive from the old place to the new, one and a half hours will be consumed just with driving, so time to get things loaded and unloaded is not great. Having a 3 hour time table pushed on me the day before was not my idea of a good time. So I took the definitely geigh schedule over the possibly incredibly geigh schedule. Such is life.

Still to come this week: Chiropractor visit tomorrow for rotated C1. After a little reading, it turns out this is very probably the cause of my recurring headaches. They are mainly centered in the forehead, and are like migraines, but apparently a rotated C1 causes exactly these symptoms. I’ll let you know more tomorrow.

First To-Shin-Do promotion. Friday night at 7pm. The night before I move. Many hours have been put into classes, and I’m progressing quickly. It’s been good times so far.

Moving! Saturday morning at 8am. Be there or be square. While I am really stoked to be in the part of town we will be in, I absolutely hate moving. Thankfully, the GF has got almost everything packed up, so really it’s just about grunt work and the apartment cleanup afterwards. True to her nickname, Kelli’s destrukto ways have caused a teensy bit of permanent damage to the apartment and I cringe to think what they will charge us for it. Hopefully Doug will be recovered from his illnesses and down for some moving action. Otherwise there will be a great deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth.