The Weekend Xbox Action

Nice lazy weekend with a lot of xbox action. Played a lot of fable and modded bryan’s xbox. That was really annoying. There is a lot of conflicting info out there about doing a TSOP flash on xboxes, and it took a bit to find the right instructions. Once it was done though, all was well in the world.

I went to pick up a second xbox today, and it turns out that refurbs are really hard to find at the moment as MS isn’t shipping many out due to Halo 2’s impending release. They want to capitalize on the release and push new boxen. So no refurb xbox for Joe. This makes me sad. Had to endure the Gamestop 17 year old lecture about modding xboxs when I asked to see the serial numbers on their new xboxes. There are perfectly legal and legitimate reasons to mod an xbox mr high school game store clerk that will not drive MS out of business. Don’t preach to me. I ended up bailing out when I got tired of listening to it.