Moving and Other Stuff

We’re in like flynn on the new apartment action. This means as of October 30th we’re Scottsdaleites, of Scottsdaleians, or whatever. It will be so nice to come home and have a parking space. Although now my dojo is 20 miles away instead of my work being 20 miles away.. sigh. Doug is coming down to help with the move which should go much smoother than last time. Kelli is already getting into packing mood, which is a good thing. I hate packing. Hate it.

The three amigos are going to have to work something out as far as the Sunday night Soprano’s action goes. Maybe if I get a projector the draw of the big screen will overwhelm them and make them drive out to my crib for the watching. But then I miss out on the hijinx over at the Big Swede’s crib.

Noise canceling headphones at work rule. That’s all there is to it.

I’ve managed to kill 2 firewire devices this week. One was a lacie 250gb external HD which died after about 15 minutes. Brige board just pooped itself. The other was my rather spendy $80 SanDisk firewire compact flash card reader. Thankfully the new drive is working out fine and backing up like a champ. I went and bought a $20 siig USB2 replacement for the card reader which is also happily pulling data from my 4gb hitachi microdrive. Inexplicably it also does it faster than the FW reader was capable of. The Sandisk was managing about 5MB/sec where the siig is pulling around 6MB/sec. That’s about as fast as those drives can go. I’m really surprised by the difference. Bridge chips are important kids!

In case you haven’t checked it out, TechGoesBoom is bringing in about 1000 hits a day now and has some good articles. We’re pretty heavily focused on Apple at this point, which I take the blame for. I’ll eventually start getting some other things in there soon. We’re really starting to hit our stride on this thing and I like how it’s shaping up. I need to do some more CSS work to clean up some remaining issues, but it’s all pretty minor. I want to start contacting vendors to get items for review, though we may have to come up with some kind of formalized reviewing structure.

LearningPhoto is also not doing too bad, averaging over 500 hits a day for a site that has had pretty much no exposure. Thanks to some love from the creative commons blog, it ended up on a lot of bookmark lists. I posted a link to a really cheap 5MP point and shoot that you should really check out.

BTW, how did I miss this?

I’m thinking about creating a sub-blog here relating to martial arts stuff. Books, equipment sources, events and most importantly my opinions and ruminations about martial arts in general. Would you guys read that?

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