How I Spent the Labor Day Weekend

Had a long fun labor day weekend up in Flagstaff chillin with Doug and Brindi. In my usual tradition, I fixed a bunch of stuff, including his Xbox which was in need of having its mod chip re-adjusted. We set up his projector under his couch (which was much fun) and watched some Farscape. We’re trying to get Brindi through the whole series before the mini-series comes out this October. On Sunday, we went to Clear Creek and played around in the water for a couple of hours and got some sun. This is good. Joe needs sun.

We ended up staying that night at the behest of the Flagstaff crew and ended up ditching on Sushi with the San Diego crew. Thankfully Bryan was there to keep them company.

Monday we headed back and I attended my First To Shin Do class. The instructors are pretty cool, and I think it will be a good class. I signed up and will be taking the next class on Thursday. Had to buy a new white Gi as my old one is pretty short and yellow these days. Ordered some white Tabi to go with it. Apparently, this school doesn’t allow black Gi like other ninpo schools until you are on your way to Black Belt. I don’t really mind either way.

Listening To: “Songs For The Deaf” by Queens Of The Stone Age itunes