Working for Calacanis

The Unofficial Apple Weblog is in need of a couple of bloggers to write about Apple.

This is a Calacanis site, and part of the same family as engadget.

I’m half considering applying for this. I’m a good fit and could make a couple of bucks doing it. But it would interfere with my stuff over at TechGoesBoom without a doubt. I think what I really need to do is start monetizing TechGoesBoom with some google ads. But I could also start posting more about administration on TechGoesBoom, and general mac stuff on UAW.

One thing that I have struggled with on my blogs is the question of Quantity over Quality. For the most part, quantity seems to rule the day in blogging, as long as your material isn’t complete dreck. UAW is looking for 50 entries a month. Sites like Engadget spend many entries duplicating news that you will find on a lot of other blogs, and offering little editorial to make the entries uniquely valuable. I try to add some kind of value to news that has broken elsewhere on the web, or deal with more original content.

Ultimately I don’t think I’ll go for it, but it would be fun.