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Comments has been fixed. You can now once again feel free to leave your witty invectives littering my site. It’s been broken, I’ve been lazy. Sorry about that.

Tomorrow I leave for Colorado for 5 days to provide technical support during our owners meeting. The fire truck is going on the road. I’ll be back on Wednesday.

My car got towed from my apartment complex because there was no place to park, and I parked in a loading zone. They scratched up my trunk with their tow lights while doing it, and initially denied any responsibility. I went commando and followed one of their trucks that night to see how they tow, and it turns out I was right. I called them the next day, and they immediately agreed to fix it, without any threats. Taking it down to the shop for an estimate this afternoon.

Bought a 4gb hitachi microdrive off ebay for my Canon 10D. While in Alaska, I went to shoot a location that was about 2 hours drive away. By the time I reached the place, I had already taken over 100 shots leaving me with about 40 exposures. I was still about 4 hours short of sunset. This was a bad thing. This also kept me from getting shots on the way home. Totally lame. You can get these drives pulled from Creative Muvo players which originally were selling for $199, but they have since made changes to the new players that disallow the use of these microdrives in cameras (like apple does with the ipod mini). So you’ll pay a $50 premium on ebay for them, but considering they retail for $500 and have a street price of around $400, it’s not a bad deal. This card should give me in the range of 600 exposures on one card, which I doubt I would be able to shoot in one day. That is until I save up the scratch for one of those medium format digital backs that produce 23MB raw files.

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