A weekend in Flagstaff

Spent the weekend up in Flagstaff, cavorting with Doug and crew. Did not get back until late sunday, and so did not get a chance to drop off goodies to The Big Swede. Sorry Big Swede.

Friday night was spent playing Mario Party 2 with Doug and Brindici. Getting to sleep around 3am.

Saturday we went out to Clear Creek, which isn’t clear at all, more green really. Lots of sun, water and rock jumping. There were a great deal of honkeys out there, but much fun was had by all. Got back into Flagstaff just in time to hit the frolf course and play 9 holes. Mexican food and then more Mario party until late in the evening.

Sunday I got Doug’s Xbox back on the network and streaming video from his G5. Set his Xbox to pump out the HD action and got some very nice looking video going out of his projector. Introduced Brindici to Farscape since Doug has not been doing his job. One wonders if he has shown her Zim. Since Brindici was raised Mormon, we had to show her the Southpark episode dealing with Mormons. Good times, Good times. Then it was back to frolf, Gyros for dinner and back on the road home.