IQ Action

While I was home, there was lots of talks of High School and IQ, and being a smart kid and all that stuff. Lots of fun.

Anyway, while browsing around today, I came upon a crappy online IQ test. These things pretty much universally suck, but I figured I would take this one as the questions seemed mostly reasonable. I came out at 133. That’s pretty much what my “real” IQ test in high school came up with as well. Why is this interesting? Because I’m relatively sure I answered all of the questions right except for possibly one. They were all relatively easy, no mazes or anything overly difficult, and the test wasn’t timed as far as I can tell (if it was it hurt me as I didn’t start until minutes after loading the page). Makes me wonder what you have to do to score a 150.

If you’re interested, it’s here. They also have an expanded test that is supposed to be more in depth, but I was bored by this point. Be aware that they will try to BS you into giving your e-mail at the end, but just put in garbage and they will still give you the results.