Re-certified for no reason

Well, I went ahead and just took my re-cert for Apple Certified Desktop Technician. Since I am no longer working as a bench monkey, this is not really a requirement for me, but since it’s only $50 to re-certify, I decided that I might was well just keep it up so I can at least keep it on my resume. The test is administered online, which is nice as well as I don’t have to swing down to prometric.

Interestingly, this re-cert had no questions at all on trouble shooting theory. It was almost all product specs and questions about USB and Airport Extreme. Yawn. There were some weird curve-ball questions though on some things you will only see on european machines. There were also some stupid questions about what new button is included on this particular version of our testing software, and that kind of general “if you haven’t read our training materials you won’t pass” kinda questions. I hate those.

So now I’m good for another year. Whee!

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