Live from DNA Lounge

I got to my hotel and figured, hey, San Fran is only 40 miles from here. Let’s see what DNA Lounge is all about. For those who don’t know. DNA Lounge is run by jwz who has a pretty interesting resume.

I’ve heard a lot about the club and wanted to check it out. It seems like a pretty cool place, but so far, as of 9pm, there are barely any people here. I don’t know much about the San Fran night life, so who knows, maybe nothing really happens until like 2 am here. Unfortunately I can’t stay here that late to find out.

At least tonight, it seems to be a pretty heavily industrial joint. Which is cool for me. There aren’t really many places in Phoenix like this, so it’s nice to have a change. KMFDM is going to be playing here on june 23rd. Kinda makes me sad that I will be missing them by only 5 days. Sister Machine Gun is going to be here on the 16th though, so maybe I’ll check them out on wednesday.

Tonight is a biker show and there’s supposed to be jello wrestling. Can’t go wrong there. Also a band called Decay is playing. Also, can’t really go wrong there. For the meantime, I’m on their wireless network, watching decay set up.

Oh yeah, California Highways suck. Where does all that state tax money go? On top of being in a poor state of repair, the signage sucks. Bad. I ended up across the bay bridge, and had to backtrack to find the lounge. The highway was marked right up until the actual 9th street exit, which I assume was just poorly marked because the freeway breaks off into about 9 different little streets and side roads and highways right at that point. This is not the only example.

If something really fun happens here, I’ll let you know.