Three Strange Days

Memorial Day Weekend is here. I personally try to stay off the roads during any major holiday, so there will be some geekery this weekend.

I’m switching over to the new host over the weekend, so if things look crappy, rest assured that I’m working on it.

Learning photo should be up soon as well. The old server won’t allow mod_rewrite for non-crufty URLs. I’m hoping the new server will be less crappy.

I’m also trying to get my 2 Linksys WRT54G wireless routers doing WDS. This is much more a pain in the ass than I thought it would be. I have everything set up the way it’s supposed to be, but it still doesn’t work. When I do get it working, I’ll post a boomlabs article on how to so it. Trying to set this up really brings home what makes Apple great. Setting up multiple APs using WDS is super easy with Apple’s basestations. But Apple’s APs don’t include linux firmware. The linux firmware allows for some really cool features.

I may perhaps move Fluffy over to suse 9.1 as well, but that’s pretty low priority.