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So, I’m thinking about using wordpress for another project that I’m working on. My only issue is that I have figured out how to do some really cool stuff with MT that I really like. Those things include threaded Comments and edit links. Both of which I would like to implement on this new site. I’ve looked around trying to find replacements for this in wordpress but couldn’t. WordPress is all PHP, so I could probably write my own versions of these pretty quickly, but if they already exist, then why re-invent the wheel you know?

Why would I want to use WordPress instead of Movable Type? Mark Pilgrim says it much better than I could. I agree with his observations and conclusions and he’s convinced me to switch.

Just to be clear. I don’t begrudge Six Apart for wanting to make money off of their work. But they seem much more focused on Type Pad than MT at this point, and I’d rather be using an open source solution for this new site. It’s also good to know that if I contribute something like comment threading to wordpress, I don’t have to worry about that product becoming commercial some day, or less free.

If my loyal readers know of code for word press that allows these features, please let me know.