Tell me what I already know

So I got a monstrous opml list from The Big Swede and imported it into NetNewsWire. This is about 250 feeds, on a variety of subjects. I was previously watching about 50 feeds, so it’s a big injection, and it exacerbates an issue I was already having. Duplicates.

Whenever some bit of news comes out, everyone and their mom makes a little post with a link to the item. What I get in NNW is about 15 posts with titles like “apple releases new G5”. I’m fine with this as long as these posts are coming from dedicated news sites that are really only republishing news from other sources anyway, but it kills me when it’s on normal blogs. Please, for the love of god, dump news blurbs to which you are not contributing anything into a sidebar and off of your main XML feed. Thank you.

Also, it would be really nice to have have rss genres so that I could sort entries that way.