New iTunes link string for Ecto

Here’s the new iTunes link code for Ecto and Kung Log. Adds the iTunes button as well as a title tag so that people know what they’re getting into when clicking the link. Enjoy.

<strong>Listening To: </strong>”^a” by ^p <a title=”Open ^p in iTunes” href=”itms://^p”><img alt=”itunes” src=”” /></a>

This is one long line, so if your browser wraps it, make sure to remove the breaks.

For those who don’t know, this replaces the default google search for music in the ecto prefs and searches instead on the itunes music store. I have it set up to only search for the artist name, but it can easily be changed to song, album or a mixture of them by using artistTerm, songTerm, and albumTerm, separating them with &.

update: changed a couple of things to make the code validate as XHTML. Doh.