My T2 review

First off, don’t buy anything from They suck. I paid $228 total for my T2 as a blemished item. It has no warranty. I can buy the same thing at Fry’s for $250 with full warranty. I’m stupid. Their DHL shipping was really bad, and when I couldn’t track the package, they were no help insisting that I would have to wait 2-4 days for information. Good stuff.

The T2 is a pretty tight little package. While a little on the large side, it’s not cumbersome. My first order of business was getting it paired up with my T610 for the mobile internet goodness. It was easy getting a connection, but getting the included web browser, web pro on the web was impossible. I ended up having to upgrade the version that comes with the T3 to get it working. But now, all is well. I like having a little mobile terminal.

Palm desktop is shitty software. The transport monitor seems to just kill itself after a couple of syncs, and you have to restart the machine if you want to sync again. I was really mad when I heard that the new palms will not sync out of the box. Now I think it’s a good idea. Leave that software upto someone who actually cares about macs. If I didn’t have to install palm software at all, I wouldn’t. It’s terrible.

too many people distribute their little palm apps in .exe wrappers. Cut it out. Zipped prc files work just fine, why are you making me go through this crap?

My T2s screen makes a high pitched whine when on. Apparently this is a big issue with the T2 and T3. If you change the bus speed on the T3, you can get rid of it. But on the T2 is looks like you’re stuck. It seems that after a while of usage, things loosen up and the screen starts acting like a flat speaker picking up noise from one of the components. Also, there are times when the T2 takes 5 to 10 seconds to respond to input, especially in Web Pro. Both are pretty annoying, a almost deal killers.

The T2 really shows off the coolness of bluetooth, between BT syncing and internet access, it a geeky wet dream. The screen is bright and very nice. I go back and forth on liking the slider, and the clear protector window that comes with it is nice, but can be annoying (like when you have on the back and go to put it in the cradle). Also the lack of a stereo headphone jack is just stupid.

I remain convinced that the PDA market is still not done very well. There are many opportunities for companies to come in and really nail it down. But I think that smart phones will kill the PDA soon anyway. The T2 is a stopgap solution for me, so I’m not too worried about it’s shortcomings, but it would be nice to have a $200 palm that even comes close to what you can get on the PocketPC side of things. Palm bought the assets of one of the coolest OS companies in the biz, and you think they could do something cool with it. Maybe with cobalt…