Fun with 2.6.4

So I thought, hey, my linux box is working reasonably well, lets break it this weekend and spend a lot of time rebuilding it. Whee!

Actually. I was getting bothered by the fact that I could only get 15MB/sec reads out of my box, so I figured, hey, let’s move up to kernel 2.6.4 and samba 3 and see what happens. What happens is that you spend all weekend trying to get the box working again between resyncs of your RAID.

Basically, 2.6.4 was locking up my machine at completely random intervals with no log keeping, so I had no idea what the problem was. In most cases, it wouldn’t even boot all the way. Ultimately, I had to wipe my boot drive and re-install SuSE. So that was fun. I will now wait until SuSE 9.1 before wandering into 2.6.4 land. Ohh, and samba is back to 800K/sec. Fantastic.