It Has Begun

The RAID box has been built. Yes the case is cheap and shitty, but it does the job.

I installed Fedora onto the box and that went pretty smoothly. One of my 250gb drives is in the hands of another at the moment, so I decided to set up just 500gb in a raid using the mlb’s built in controller. Whoop. No drivers for fedora. Okay, I’ll just download the Redhat 9 drivers and try that. Whoop, compiled for an earlier version of the kernal. No problem, I’ll just download the source an compile. Yeah, right. That pooped all over itself. And for some reason fdisk is missing. Goodbye Fedora. I am not nearly 1337 enough to start trying to figure out why the drivers won’t build. Redhat 9 is installing as I type.

Well I got it installed, with the driver, but redhat will not see either of the drives in fdisk, despite the bios being able to see them just fine. After many hours of screwing around and being really frustrated, I’m going to sleep.