Firewire RAID: A New Hope

So, while doing some browsing today, I happened upon what may be the perfect solution for my little storage dilemma. It was just released at MacWorld this year. 5 hotswap bays, Firewire 800 and hardware RAID 5 and it’s all in a mini shuttle case. I’m pretty impressed. Now, I don’t know how much it costs, since it’s just recently announced, and no one seems to be actually selling it yet.

I sent an email to Micronet to see if they will sell me a bare case, and I’m crossing my fingers. If it’s less than $600, I’ll forgo a linux set up and roll with this for the convenience, but I’m figuring they either won’t want to sell the case without drives, or will sell it for like $1k. If that is the case, then the Linux plan is back on.

I’ll keep you guys updated in the ongoing RAID saga.