iCal and it's fancy alerts

So, I figured I would bust some little stuff out today since I spent most of the day lollygagging with The Big Swede. There was much discussing of technology and the lousy state of the market, but it gave me a pretty good idea for a product that I think I may work on in concert with my photo site which is still in development. I need to start working on it in earnest as a series of 5 of my photos are being published as greeting cards. They are only being sold in a boutique book store at this point, but the person I am working with has just started the venture. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

I also set up an email address for my phone, and along with iCal, set up alerts for paying my bills. I am that guy. The one who pays his bills online the last minute of the last day of the allowed grace period. I figure that me collecting interest on that money is better than letting them collect interest on it. But I also fail to remember the dates for payment on them as they are all different. Enter iCal. So I set up a new calendar called bills, and made new appointments to pay the bills on the appropriate days. Then I set up an alert to send an e-mail to my phone as a reminder. The mail alias I have set up for my phone also forwards to my normal e-mail, so I have both an e-mail on the phone and at home in case I miss one.

I have added a contact link in the sidebar over there. What’s that you say? You must be crazy to post your e-mail publicly. You’ll be a spam magnet. Well, not if you use the Hiveware Enkoder. It does some handy dandy obfuscation of your e-mail to make it exceeding difficult for miner bots to yoink your address. Check the source on my page. It’s pretty cool.