Holy Shit

Wow, what an incredible pain in the ass it is to get Moveable type up and running. That was a mean feat. It looks like it will be an incredible pain in the ass to import my previous entries, but I’m going to see what I can do. I have quite a lot now, but it’s not like any of it was all that important.

I wanted to move to MT simply to allow for some modern happy conveniences. I have had some bitching about XML feeds and the like, and I want to be able to use a cool application like Kung-Log to update the site rather than going through the web page. While it was nice to have the experience of writing my own page with PHP, I just don’t have time to work on it in that way any more. I would just rather have a CMS in place that takes care of the heavy lifting. It also has a little built in photo thing that should be nice.

I need to make my own CSS though because all of the defaults suck. That will wait until later though, because while I am triumphant over the suckfest install, I am now tired out. Sleepy time awaits.