Dear Browser Coders

A couple of web browser gripes:

Anchors: Either scroll to the anchor that I’ve selected as soon as that anchor is available, or don’t mess with my scrolling! I’ll often load a page that is very heavy with comments, or is slowed down by loading content from another slow site. I’ll often just scroll to what it is I was looking for before the page is done loading completely. I’ll often be done with whatever that anchor was pointing to, and reading something else on the page by the time it finishes loading, and you jump me back to that anchor. Stop it. Keep track of what I’ve seen, and don’t scroll me back if I’ve gone past that anchor.

This also applies to the back button. Don’t restore my position if it takes more than a few seconds to finish loading the page again. Chances are I’ve already figured out where I was and I’m on to something else.

Of course this would not be a problem if you repositioned as soon as the anchor (or my previous position) is able to be drawn on the screen.

Focus: If I open a link in a new window, and you spawn that requested window, and I click back into my previous window to browse while I wait for that one to load, DONT TAKE MY FOCUS TO THE NEW WINDOW WHEN IT’S FINISHED LOADING! That is incredibly obnoxious. If you want to make the other window blink, or turn another color or play a tune or whatever, I don’t care, but don’t pull me out of what I’m currently doing.

This goes double super ultra for Applications that steal focus from other applications for warnings or whatever. Do not do this.

That is all.

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