First Full Day of Work on a MacBook Pro

Yesterday I got in my Boss’ new MacBook Pro and started setting it up for testing. At work we have a lot of applications that are still rosetta only, so I’m going to spend a week or two hammering on the MacBook to see if it can handle the work we currently do, and not crash on apps that we need.

Here are my impressions from my first full day of working with it.

Yep, it has the processor whine. But it’s so faint that I personally wouldn’t have noticed it in anything other than a dead silent room. It’s philosophically annoying, but not a big deal in practical use.

Most Apps once they have been run once, open surprisingly fast. In use, I don’t notice any difference on things like Word or Excel from other powerbooks I’ve used. Photoshop is pretty painful though.

Through a nifty little app called Extras2Extras2, I was able to get Iridium up and rolling on the machine with minor visual snafus. w00t!

Just Damned Respectable
Moving over almost everything from my G5 tower at work went very smoothly, with great speeds from the gigabit ethernet. Most things are very snappy when not running into rosetta. There are random weird beachballs, but they usually only last a second or two.

That’s it for now. More is undoubtedly to come.

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