Blot Out the Sun

Vampires are Cool
I managed to black out our big window in the bedroom before heading to sleep last night. I had forgotten how nice it is to sleep in a really dark room. This morning I was able to sleep much better.

Render Unto Caesar
Finally filed my taxes the other day. Turbo tax online is a huge ripoff when you need to include anything other than a 1040ez. Had to pay $70 and TAX to use the web service. So that basically made me completely a wash on taxes for last year. Good times. I think I might just be doing them by hand next year.

New and Shiny
Updated this blog to WordPress 2 and Squibble Beta 1.1 last night. The process was relatively painless, with most of the time spent resetting Squibble with all of my custom options. WordPress themes are getting to be heavy hitters, with lots of options and features resembling CMS systems. It’s good to see free blogging software evolving to such an advanced state.

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