The Mac OS X 10.4.4 update has killed my samba connectivity at work leading to dropping of the network shares every 20 seconds or so. Geigh. I’m going to apply the combo updater to see if it fixes the issue.

There is almost no Google juice on the logged errors:

smb_iod_sendrq: TRAN_SEND returned fatal error 57 KernelEventAgent[47]: tid 00000000 received VQ_DEAD event (32) KernelEventAgent[47]: tid 00000000 found 1 filesystem(s) with problem(s)

There have been other reports of it on 10.3.7 after an update though. So I’m hoping this is another lame “non-combo” update issue that can be fixed with by running the combo updater and fixing permissions.

UPDATE: not fixed by 10.4.4 combo updater and fix of permissions. Sigh.

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