Ass… kicked

This previous weekend was the Steven Hayes seminar, and it was a lot of fun. Had a good time training with the California crew. Also had an excellent reminder of why I hate driving to, from or in California. Leaving LA at 6:30 we ran into massive traffic from accidents, and Kelli and I ended up getting to our apartment at about 4:30 in the morning.

I tried sleeping in the van, but I have a really hard time sleeping sitting up, and when I would nod off, my head would fall to one side tweaking my neck and waking me up. Blah.

I’m pretty sure I left my sunglasses in the van, which I’m hoping Lori and Michael found. But to tell the truth, everything from 11 pm on last night is a big sleepy blur, so I’m not sure if I just ferreted them away somewhere I can’t remember. Shot them an e-mail in hopes they found them, and I’ll look around again when I make it home.

I managed to rouse myself at 8am to get to work at 9, but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve got a couple of portraits to shoot early this afternoon, but then I think I’m heading home to get some more sleep.

I’ll probably post more later, when I can think again.

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